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"Husbands, love your wifes, even as Christ also Loved the church and gave himself up for it" -Ephesians


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10 Keys to Victorious Christian Living

1 – Have DAILY communion with God (worship / prayer), so we can KNOW HIM!

Christianity is NOT religion - it is RELATIONSHIP with God.

HOW can you have relationship with someone you DON'T KNOW?


Hence, the TRUTH of author and brother Paul Bunyan's comment:

“If thou art not a praying person,

Thou art not a Christian.”

Why? Because 'non prayers' don't KNOW Him. i.e. - Their 'involvement' with God, whatever it be, does not INCLUDE relationship with Him. One can know of God, and not know GOD Himself. Example - The Hebews that escaped Egypt knew of GOD and His MIGHTY ACTS; Moses knew GOD the Person, and – hence – he knew God's WAYS (i.e., His nature / character). Hence, Moses had relationship with God, while the Hebrews only knew of Him! TOO MANY today (especially in the USA) are professing Christ but DON'T KNOW HIM, and are giving a poor representation of Christianity to the lost! Aspire to KNOW GOD, so you can be part of the SOLUTION, rather than part of the problem! Ask God to TEACH you how to pray, in addition to the Disciple's Prayer given by Jesus in the gospels. Ask Him to help you to pray longer each day, until – as your life permits – you are starting your day with at least ONE HOUR of undisturbed communion with Him! Why? If you START right, you'll END right! Remember... “In the beginning GOD...” - and He will help you make everything else work out all right! 2 – WAIT after communion with God and LISTEN for His voice; have a note book to write His words in, as needed. God reciprocates like for like. Because you want to talk to Him and invest time and effort to do so, He wants to talk to YOU! After exposing your heart to the Lord in prayer, give HIM a chance to talk now! For example – you might say to Him... “What's on YOUR heart Lord? Please SPEAK Lord, for thy servant heareth.” In this way, you get to know His voice in your life! (Also, we can't obey what we can't hear.) After prayer, GOD may speak by... A - giving you a scripture to read, B – speaking something directly to your spirit (called a 'rama' word), or C – both. Write down what He has spoken to your spirit, and see it manifest in your life. If you wish, write down the scripture He gives you to read if you can't turn to it immediately.

This is what true SHEEP do; they LEARN His voice, so they can hear it and OBEY it. (The word 'hearken' means to BOTH hear AND obey what you heard!) Recall Jesus' comment: “My sheep KNOW my voice;” This comes with a benefit: “...and a stranger's voice they will NOT follow!” That is... Those who APPLY THEMSELVES to know GOD and HIS VOICE can HEAR His voice, and are not deceived by phonies / familiar spirits, nor are they moved by 'every wind and doctrine.' Also, throughout the day as we go about our lives... the Holy Ghost will - from time to time - speak directly to our spirits to guide us into righteousness, wisdom, prosperity and PEACE (i.e., all necessary good). Yes...GOD STILL SPEAKS TO MEN TODAY! But, ONLY those who PRAY AND WAIT ON HIM to speak to their spirits after prayer will hear this HIGHEST level of intelligence and instruction! After you have prayed and heard from GOD – apply the sage advice of D L Moody: “Pray like it ALL depends on GOD. [Then]... Work like it all depends on YOU.” Those who have 'no time' for Him will be left to their own devises / understanding. In today's INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS and DECEITFUL world – we CANNOT AFFORD THAT! A 3-step prayer process God gave me: 1 – Pray for the things you desire, and wait for His response per 1 and 2 above. (Sometimes we are so pressed about a thing, we want to pray often about it. I try not to pray for the SAME THINIG more than TWICE, since Jesus prayed twice in one case.) --- Prayer is our chance to show GOD humility before Him, and our dependence upon Him. Then: 2 – Either DURING or after prayer, THANK and PRAISE HIM – IN ADVANCE - for sending the answer! --- This shows GOD that we have FAITH to believe / expect the answer! VERY important. 3 – CONFESS / SPEAK the answer: Say... 'GOD is sending the answer now, and I will receive it IN PERFECT TIMING!' --- This step places ENFORCEMENT behind steps 1 and 2, and makes them STRONGER. (See # 6 below, to better understand the IMPORTANCE of this step!) 3 – Ask for and receive the Baptism in Holy Ghost; >>> to LIVE in holiness, thereby being a proper example of Him {ONLY the Holy Ghost can keep the statutes and commandments of God - He SHUTS OFF the sin nature in us if we let Him, by constant obedience to Him.}

Too many think being a witness is mainly 'running our mouth' about God to others. However, even as faith WITHOUT WORKS is DEAD – so... Testimony WITHOUT VALID EXAMPLE is worthless! Folks don't want to hear our mouth – they want to see our [god - inspired] acts! (Without the acts, your words are just your opinion where the other guy is concerned. He feels he has an opinion already. Hence - WHY does he need yours?) >>> to do effective, even supernatural ministry - as anointed by Him. There is ONLY ONE gospel MINISTER in the New Covenant! That minister is the Holy Ghost. The dedicated, sanctified HUMANS he USES are simply carriers of His message and deliverance! Their job is to be in proper spiritual condition at the time of service to allow the REAL minister to use them – without hindrance – to speak and operate in His power and conviction. As the preacher said - “No Holy Ghost – No Power!” Also - “No Holy Ghost, no ministry!” - because He's the minister, not us! 4 – Read His word daily as He leads As forestated, after prayer GOD often gives a scripture to read. In my personal experience with this, I don't want to READ the scripture, and miss the message He is sending to me IN that scripture! So, as I set about to read what He gave, I ask Him: 'Lord, please don't let me MISS THE WORD you have for me in this scripture!' We can read a scripture God gave us, and MISS what He wants to tell us, if we are not careful! In addition to whatever He tells you to read after prayer... Ask Him to guide your Bible reading for that day, and to cause you to UNDERSTAND what HE is SAYING in His word. God will guide you to 'meat in due season'; i.e., that information that you can understand at your current level of spiritual development! Many recommend memorizing scripture – a good idea, but - it is pointless, unless you truly KNOW what the AUTHOR is saying. Knowing scripture is important – UNDERSTANDING WHAT GOD IS SAYING IN IT is even MORE important! 5 – Pay tithes / offerings Many say today – the New Testament doesn't say to pay tithes. That is TRUE, but by NO MEANS the 'end of the story'! We have to look at this issue from a few different standpoints! A – Common sense! Under the Old Covenant, tithing (paying 10% of your increase to God's house) was required. (Malachi Ch. 3) Jesus even expressed that, but – remember – He lived and died under the Old Covenant! The New Covenant didn't start until after His resurrection. The New Testament firmly establishes that the NEW Covenant is BETTER than the Old one! That said, consider this: Since GOD required 10% under the OLD, inferior covenant... WHY would He require any LESS under the NEW and BETTER Covenant?

The Holy Ghost helps us THINK!!! We have a BETTER covenant! Hence, at least the same or BETTER giving should be done! This is common, sanctified horse sense! B – Simple GRATITUDE Given the horrific, unspeakably agonizing things Jesus suffered to give us salvation, which includes healing, prosperity and the Holy Ghost - we should have ONE attitude about these New Covenant blessings: 'WHAT shall I RENDER unto the Lord for all His goodness to me?' Not - How LITTLE can I get away with giving to the work of God? C – The Holy Ghost poured out on the believers under the BETTER covenant The New Covenant provides for us the Baptism of the Holy Ghost! Under the Old, He simply 'abode with' CERTAIN ones. Under the NEW, He lives IN US! Should we believe God has poured out Heaven's BEST, for us to give Him our 'less'??? Is THIS how we show God we LOVE and appreciate Him??? D – Sowing and reaping “As a man soweth, so shall he also reap.” - If I plant finances in God's work, I will reap the same for myself. HE said so! Jesus said - “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall He cause men to place into your bosom. If I give finances into God's TRUE work, GOD will cause other men to give finances to me. Further, it will be with increase over what I have given. Psalm 18: 25 – 26(a) – 'With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful; with an upright man You will show Yourself upright; with the pure You will show Yourself pure.' In other words, GOD will be to US what we are to HIM! Hence, by extension – To the generous, You will show Yourself GENEROUS! In the face of such scriptures, only a foolish one would seek to minimize their giving to GOD! The WISE man says –

'The tithe MUST be my MINIMUM! To the extent that I can do more, even MUCH more than this, the scriptures make it CLEAR: it is to my decided ADVANTAGE to do so!' As was said in the beginning of this section - the New Testament (NT) doesn't say to pay tithes. Well... The LORD knoweth them that are His. God knew, when the NT was being written, that those who REALLY LOVE HIM, KNOW HIM, and STUDY HIS WORD would want to do ALL FOR HIM that they possibly could, including in the area of supporting His work. He knew that such would go 'all out' for Him in all areas, and KNOW they would be greatly blessed for it! Hence, perhaps the NT doesn't say to pay tithes because God knew that the TRUE believer - who really loves and knows HIM doesn't � NEED to be told that! Those who want their lives to REALLY MATTER in the gospel DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD THAT! They will pay tithes, give offerings, await his bountiful harvest, and then want to know - 'WHAT ELSE can I do for this great GOD, Who has been SO GOOD to me?' A HARSH TRUTH about giving tithes and offerings... Do this PRAYERFULLY! ASK GOD where you should go to church and pay tithes. Ask GOD how to handle your finances before Him, and what ministry (or ministries*) to be involved with. (*Many have their 'home church', but also occasionally visit other GOOD churches as led by God.) Ask GOD to direct you to GOOD GROUND. You must plant finances in GOOD GROUND, where GOD is TRULY HONORED, for the following reasons: A – GOOD GROUND is a ministry that honors GOD and preaches His word WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and operates in His power and anointing, not... – a Sunday club with a Christian name, and no power / no real ministry. – Not a slick televangelist running gimmicks, and not lifting up Jesus. A ministry that is GOOD GROUND is FAITHFUL to GOD's word, advances God's cause in the earth – i.e., righteousness, and the salvation of man – and lifts up Jesus! Such ministry seeks to glorify GOD ONLY, and not their 'program' or leader. In fact, their 'program' is simply to let GOD do HIS program THROUGH them! Hence, such ministries are beloved of GOD. He will BLESS those who bless such a work. B – GOOD GROUND is necessary for a seed to grow, prosper and bear fruit. Your finances are a 'seed ' into God's work. If you would receive the harvest He wants you to have from your giving to His work, you MUST plant in GOOD GROUND! C-- Bad ground – powerless, insincere works that claim Christianity – will take your money, but you will receive NOTHING from God – no harvest at all! God has told us - “In all thy getting, get an UNDERSTANDING.” “Beloved, I would not have you ignorant.” In Proverbs, He commands us to operate in good judgment and sound wisdom. (Wisdom is simply the ' RIGHT USE of knowledge' – nothing more! It is NOT ENOUGH to

know of 'such and such' ministry and want to get involved with them just because you think you want to be with them, and support them. FIRST – ask GOD – are they GOOD GROUND? Good ground for your money; your time; your energy; your love; your trust?) If you FAIL to seek God before sowing into a work, and it turns out to be 'bad ground'...GOD will let you LOSE your money! You will not get a harvest! That is the HARSH TRUTH about giving, as mentioned earlier! That is – even though you LOVE GOD – sowing in bad ground will only result in LOSS to you – NO HARVEST, despite your good intentions. Good intentions carry NO WEIGHT with GOD, when we have ignored His word in order to pursue those intentions! [Remember – In the beginning, God. ASK HIM what His will is in a thing before pursuing it...] Also, don't let anyone PUSH you into giving into bad ground – once God has shown you that is what it is. --- About 10 years ago, I put a total of $4,000 into 3 different ministries, without asking God about it first! I saw NO benefit in my personal or business life AT ALL from my giving! NONE! Hence, pray and wait on Him to speak before attaching yourself to a ministry and being generous there! The money you and I have, GOD GAVE US – directly or indirectly. We need to have the good sense and common courtesy to ASK HIM how He would have us use each new supply that we get! Also, what we WRONGFULLY KEEP from Him, He can cause us to lose! A final word on giving: If you, like me, have ever sown in bad ground – just REPENT – and ask GOD to restore what you lost! Why? So you can use it right this time! He is faithful, and honors the penitent heart. Also, He is the God of restoration: 'I will RESTORE the years that the [worms] have eaten away.' 6 – Do DAILY confession of His word over your spirit, and your life's situations Proverbs advises: 'The power of life and death is IN THE TONGUE.” 'A WORD spoken at the right time – how GOOD it is!' Psalms lets us know: The angels of GOD hearken to the voice of His word. So, when you SPEAK GOD's WORD against your problem(s), the angels assigned to your life MUST GO and PERFORM the words you spoke in the matter. This not only includes actual scriptures, but ANY WORDS you speak that scripture can clearly back up / support / agree with! That is - the angels of God perform ANY words of scripture we speak – OR – ANY words we speak that LINE UP with scripture. Jesus established that we do INDEED have what we SAY: Mark 11:23 – 24 GOD ordained that words have POWER – speak the blessing and you will have it, sooner or later. Speak the negative, and you will have that as well; spoken words work both ways! Godly, productive speech blesses our today, and establishes good for our future. Contemporary Christian musician David Ingles sings in a song about confession: “...TODAY, you're the TOTAL of your TALKIN' YESTERDAY” - whether that talking was good OR bad!

How IMPORTANT is this? Consider the line often used by my pastor: “A closed MOUTH is a closed DESTINY!” 'Church folks' love to say 'God is in control.' He is, EXCEPT where He has ordained MAN to do certain things. Example - GOD and His angels are in control of the enforcement of both His word, and the words of our mouth...but; WE are in control of WHAT those words ARE, and of the RESULTS they bring into our lives! Yes, God IS in control, but we need to understand WHAT He is in control of! If we FAIL to do OUR part in the scheme of things – His being 'in control' won't do us a bit of good! We MUST ACCEPT our CONTINUAL RESPONSIBILITY to TALK RIGHT, and to DELIBERATELY CONFESS the GOOD that we long for, and that GOD longs to GIVE us – if we cooperate with HIM. 7 – Read QUALITY Christian literature, per His leading The Holy Ghost has anointed many men / women of GOD to write great, inspired commentaries and books further expounding / explaining Bible TRUTH. ASK GOD to guide you by his Spirit to those books / commentaries He would have you to read, for meat in due season. It will truly BLESS your life, and greatly increase your understanding of Him. A warning - be prayerful and led by Him in this; some 'Christian themed' books didn't need to be written. Let God lead you to the good ones! 8 - Go to church with regularity, even if only once per week. God COMMANDS this of us. {“Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together..”} ALL obedience to HIM benefits US! The blessing in this matter is: God does things in the SANCTUARY that He will NEVER DO ANYWHERE ELSE! If you stay home, you miss out! God won't do in your prayer closet what He does at church. Few things are more PAINFUL for a TRUE Christian than to skip a service he COULD have attended, only to hear later what a GREAT MOVE GOD DID in that meeting! DO your BEST to not miss church! Press your way, over what your body is telling you! A smart man said “A word to the wise is sufficient!” When I was a cadet at West Point, NY - we had a Colonel there who used to tell us: “A word to the wise is UNNECESSARY!” :)

9 - Be aware --- Everybody in the church isn't 'right'! Just as GOD sends people to places to do His will, so does the devil and his fallen angel accomplices – and the demons. They have evil people committed to them, just as GOD has saved people committed to Him. The evil one sends such persons into churches to pretend to be saved, while they are really there to destroy the work. They can be there to: 1 – tempt the pastor with sex (to destroy their reputation), or...with money (to control them) 2 – bring division among the brethren, to destroy the work - (God HATES discord) 3 – be seen (or, be paid money) by having a 'position' in church – choir director, organist, etc., ...or - 4 – seek any WEAKNESS in the ministry that can be exploited for evil. Beloved, do NOT go to ANY church expecting everyone there to be a TRUE Christian. They are NOT all of GOD – be wary, as you enjoy Jesus. --- Jesus said – 'Let the wheat and tares grow (i.e., assemble) together.' WHY would He SAY that unless there were going to be tares (i.e., false brethren) PRESENT with you in God's house??? --- 'Know them that labor among you.' In other words – Don't ASSUME all that are there are laboring with a pure motivation! Pray for discernment to see what they are TRULY about! --- 'They went out FROM us, but they were not OF us.' Be aware that all IN the church building are not necessarily OF the church! In short – ask GOD to show you WHO in the church you can TRUST and be friendly with, and who in the church it would be better for you to avoid – to keep away from. There are people who come to church with homosexual spirits in them; lusting spirits; mean spirits; 'hustling' spirits; ignorant spirits...and too often these are allowed to function in positions they have NO BUSINESS in! I have found this all too common in my 40 (+) years in church! Coward pastors / leaders sit back and ALLOW this. Protect yourself by prayer and watchfulness! 10 – Be aware - Your spirit got converted to Christ; NOT your mind or your body! Man is spirit, soul (i.e., mind / will / emotions) and body. The REAL you is your spirit, not your body. Your spirit got saved / regenerated when you came to Jesus; The Holy Ghost has lived in your spirit ever since you got saved, EVEN if you have not yet received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost mentioned above. He resides in your spirit just the same, guiding you more and more into the ways of GOD. The more we submit to His leading, the FASTER we grow in GOD, and the sooner we receive the baptism in Him. However, He is in your spirit NOW, thank GOD!

However, you have an inner enemy to deal with! Your MIND is preconditioned to think on worldly terms, and with worldly values that are HATEFUL to GOD. It cannot be saved – rather, it must be re-set to GODLY values, and made to appreciate GODLY terms. The Bible commands us to 'be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.' In other words, change your way of THINKING to conform to God's word, so that your BEHAVIOR will be transformed to conform to God's word. This can only be done by reading / studying the Bible, and quality [i.e., Holy Ghost inspired] Christian literature. This is OURS to do. While the Holy Ghost will not read the Bible for us, we are promised He WILL bring to our remembrance what we have ALREADY read! If WE do the reading, HE will make us REMEMBER what we read, when needed, to encourage and guide us along the way! What a blessing! What a WONDERFUL 'service' from our God! Jesus said “Take my yoke upon you and LEARN of me.” WHY? Because, having learned His ways, it will be A LOT EASIER to walk in them – as opposed to walking in the old sinful mindset we brought to Jesus at salvation. He wants to give us a NEW mindset that will enable us to think on whatsoever things are true, pure, just, lovely, of good report, etc. So, we must allow our now-saved spirit to goad us to renew our mind. Lastly, you have an outer enemy – your body, the flesh. It hungers and yearns to satisfy its inherent passions, lusts and desires. One preacher said – 'This stuff (meaning our flesh) has a mind and will of its' own.' Like the mind, it cannot be saved. It must be crucified. This is where the Baptism in the Holy Ghost is so WONDERFULLY ADVANTAGEOUS to the Christian; in the Holy Ghost baptism – a step occurring sometimes with, but normally after salvation – the believer is filled with God's spirit and power to such an extent that he can actually live HOLY, per the commandment of GOD...AS LONG AS he allows the Holy Ghost to lead him in all things, at all times. It is the Holy Ghost that does this – in the believer, from within. God commands us to mortify the flesh, with its' ungodly passions. He sent the Holy Ghost to make it happen! (He never gives us a COMMAND, without giving us a WAY to fulfill it!) Here is a progression... 1 – The unsaved man, to some extent, can PUSH himself by an act of his mind / will to quash the impulses of the flesh when it serves his purpose. 2 – When he gets saved and renews his mind, he now has TWO powerful allies against the flesh; His born-again spirit, which is now looking to GOD, and his renewed mind. These two together can do a GREAT DEAL more than his mind and will alone, as mentioned in #1 above. He is now well on his way to the crucifixion of the flesh the Bible requires. The more he resists the fleshly drives, the smaller they get. 3 – When he receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost, he can now TRULY experience the crucifixion of the flesh, as described above. So long as he purposes in his heart to walk in the Spirit he has now been baptized with, he will NOT fulfill the lust of the flesh – the power of the Holy Ghost will not allow it! But, he must be CONTINUALLY willing and obedient to REMAIN in this state. As long as he is willing to obey, the Holy Ghost will keep him from sin. It requires cooperation with the Spirit on his part! Note of caution: One can have the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and still chooseto sin. But, this requires a conscious, deliberate CHOICE to DISOBEY / IGNORE the Holy Ghost, and a 'pressing over' what would be His warnings against such action!


God bless the faithful people of God, in Jesus' name!

Given by the Holy Ghost

- to -

His servant:


James Harris Union,

New Jersey


last revised - 03 / 29 / 2021